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The centerpiece of the PRIME Prodigy Rack line is the Prodigy HLP (High/Low Pulley) Selectorized Rack -packing an incredible amount of versatility and functionality with an aesthetically appealing design.  This, coupled with the wide assortment of Prodigy Rack attachment options creates a very unique rack in a class of its own. The Prodigy HLP Selectorized Rack combines the benefits of a functional trainer, with the convenience and dependability of a half rack. Featuring two 350 lb. weight stacks with built-in band rods, dual high-low adjustable pulley systems, and two fixed upper pulleys, the HLP Selectorized Rack is built to accommodate a variety of training types simultaneously, while challenging even the strongest of lifters.



+ Dual 350lbs weight stacks with built in band pegs
+ Features two high/low adjustable pulleys and two stationary high pulleys
+ Nearly limitless exercise options in a compact footprint
+ Adjustable Elbow Pads upgrade for superior arm curl exercise execution
+ Available in 2:1 or 4:1 ratio option
+ Commercial-grade 3”x3” tube construct of 11-gauge steel
+ Ample convenient storage options
+ Wide assortment of Rack Attachment options




62L x 57W x 92H in.
157L x 145W x 234H cm.




1,240lbs. / 563kgs.

PRIME HLP Selectorized Rack

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