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The Prodigy HLP Single Stack series was born out of necessity for those looking for a compact, cost effective, versatile solution for a legitimate cable station. The search is over – introducing the Prodigy HLP Plate Loaded Single Stack. What makes this product unique is its weight peg carriage system, allowing the user to dictate the weight load by loading weight plates onto the weight pegs.  Another feature unique to the HLP Plate Loaded Single Stack is PRIME’s cable ratio technology.  With the simple adjustment of a pin, the user to change the cable ratio from 2:1 to 4:1.  Combined with over 15 feet of cable, this adjustability opens up an assortment of exercises and explosive movements options, without the dangers of ‘lag’ in the cable.  So, whether you’re looking to accomplish straight up strength work, or intricate speed-oriented exercise, this technology is a must-have!



The HLP Plate Loaded Single Stack packs an incredible amount of versatility and functionality with both a fixed upper pulley and fully adjustable pulley system.  It also comes equipped with a built-in band peg for ease of use when adding bands to applicable exercise, includes convenient storage capabilities, and accommodates a wide variety of the popular Prodigy attachment options, like the Lat Pulldown Seat, Low Row Footplate, Dip Bar, and Single Leg Roller Pad, to name a few.




+ Easily adjustable from 2:1 to 4:1 cable ratio.
+ Features a high/low adjustable pulley and a stationary high pulley
+ Offers a wide variety of attachment options with convenient storage capabilities-all in a very compact footprint
+ Two easy-to-use rotational leveling pads, which help ensure stability based on a variety of gym floor surface types
+ Cost effective




62L x 63W x 92H in.
122L x 125W x 234H cm.




300lbs. / 136kgs.

PRIME HLP Plate Loaded Single Stack

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