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The Six Pack came about because of requests to configure our Performance Trainers around a column without having to attach the units to the column. The Six Pack turned out to be the perfect solution. It doesn’t have to go around a column. It’s an ideal way to have six Performance Trainers grouped in the middle of the floor and saves having to mount the Performance Trainers on a wall. The maximum diameter of column the Six-Pack will fit around is 29” (737 mm). If your column, regardless of shape, will fit inside a 29” (737 mm) diameter circle, our standard Six-Pack configuration will fit around it. For columns larger than 29” (737 mm), contact Keiser at +1 559 256 8000 or your Keiser Regional Sales Manager for a quote on a special configuration.



  • Complete control of resistance levels
  • Smooth pneumatic resistance to reduce shock loading to connective tissues and joints
  • Takes up less space and time with a small footprint and multi-user pieces that allow group training
  • Unlimited possibilities for training – any load, any speed, any plane
  • Versatility that allows you to customize your workout
  • ADA Compliant - Section 44 Disable Access Tax Credit



HEIGHT: 87” / 2210 mm

WIDTH: 65” / 1651 mm

DEPTH: 57” / 1448 mm

WEIGHT: 790 lbs / 359 kg

RESISTANCE RANGE: 0 - 75 lbs / 0 - 34 kg

CABLE LENGTH: 93” / 2362 mm

Keiser Six Pack Performance Trainer à air -Neuf

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