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Keiser put the power in Power Rack. A rack is just that, a rack to hang things on, until you add Keiser’s patented system to it. Then it goes from ordinary to explosive. Use it as an ordinary rack for free weight lifting or blend the iron and the air. Instead of benching 100 kg (220 lbs) of iron, strip off 50 kg of iron and add 50 kg of air. Now, it is a whole other experience. Once you’ve mastered balancing that, strip off more iron and add more air for the next level of training. The possibilities never end.



  • Allows training at any speed, from controlled to explosive, for improved power
  • Unique hybrid design combines smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance and free weight resistance to emphasize not only strength training but also speed and stability training
  • All in one system to accomplish more in less space
  • Customizable workouts for all users
  • Frame is constructed of 11 gauge steel. All frame components are placed in a “jig” welding fixture which is used to insure parts are located in exact position each time, thus ensuring consistent fabrication
  • A rack to fit every need
  • Dual displays to satisfy both user and trainer
  • Ability to combine Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance and iron weight resistance
  • Optional custom paint, platform, and logo at an additional cost




MODEL 3110

HEIGHT - 94" / 2388 mm

WIDTH - 71" / 1804 mm

DEPTH - 103" / 2616 mm

WEIGHT - 935 lbs / 424 kg

RESISTANCE RANGE - 0-200 lbs / 0 - 91 kg


MODEL 3111

HEIGHT - 106" / 2693 mm

WIDTH - 71" / 1804 mm

DEPTH - 103" / 2616 mm

WEIGHT - 955 lbs / 433 kg

RESISTANCE RANGE - 0-200 lbs / 0 - 91 kg

Keiser Power Rack à air -Neuf

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